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Edinburgh Language Ambassadors is a University of Edinburgh society, providing foreign language- and culture-based activities aimed at primary and high school levels. Language ambassadors are able to take the time to engage the pupils in tasks that would not usually be possible given time and assessment constraints on classroom teachers.

The society’s members are current University of Edinburgh students (and some recent graduates) who wish to pass on their passion for languages! It is completely voluntary, so provides activities at no cost to schools.

Learn more about ELA

Here is a presentation delivered to the Committee for Linguistics in Education at their meeting in early December 2010. Its provides a good overview of what we're about.

CLIE presentation 1210

In the pipeline...

We are in the process of devising a series of P6 French sessions, to be delivered at Liberton Primary this semester. These will begin at the end of February. The sessions will introduce the basics of French to the pupils, but the focus will be on vocabulary retention through games, rather than repeated drilling. We hope to get them thinking positively about French, and language learning in general, at this early stage, before they go on to more rigorous study at high school level.

Past Events

  • In collaboration with the University of Edinburgh’s Widening Participation department, we conducted a French session for P7 pupils, which extended their basic linguistic knowledge, and challenged them with some culture-based activities, led by an ambassador who had spent time in the country.
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